Ron Mertins History

Ron Mertin: 3rd May 1957 – 28th August 1959

Elected as Secretary for 1959-60

The following is an extract from Ron Mertin’s personal history supplied by his son Bill Mertin during our 60th Anniversary in 2017.

I became a Foundation member of the Millicent Rotary Club, and this period brought a lot of activity our way in the form of new friendships from the social affairs, and from our “working bees”. The ladies also were involved too so Margaret met new people. We raised enough money to buy one of the first Kombi vans, which was converted into an ambulance for the district, and we would act as duty drivers for a 48 hour period (or two nights running) as it was driven by the Council Clerk if required in the day time. That too was a new experience. I was secretary for a while, and weekly meetings, this was demanding. I also was affiliated with the Millicent Lodge and had joined several other Orders, so all told we had a very filling life style and more so we were enjoying it – except for the damp cold weather, which for Margaret, meant damp clothes and very industry was thriving. I took over from Geoff Conroy as manager of Millicent Dairying owned by Finlayson’s.

I was fortunate to have been a Charter Member of Rotary in 1957 – one of 26 – with Colin Clyne as President plus a few others I recall – Ren DeGaris, Ron Garwood, Dr. Harris, Bob Munyard, Freddie Pedlar, Ross Willshire, Bob Taylor, Jack Nadebaum and Collie McMorron. We first raised money by cutting and selling firewood to buy a VW Combi Van for conversion to an Ambulance for the hospital, most of us were on the roster as drivers. In addition to Rotary we had many friends especially the Mullens and the soldier settler lot at Greenways. I recall the day my son Bill then 4 set fire to Lou Spehr’s haystack and the 6pm swills at Nenkes.

Wood Cutting

Service Before Self